Oh spare me from sniffles
And rouging of nose
From tissues so prickly
Though balm ones I chose
Yes save me from fever
And burning of head
The prickling face
And the shaking of bed
Deliver me from
Endless runs to the store
For paracetamol, vitamins,
Eye drops and more
Oh mercy, mercy me
Not another cold, I pray
Oh lady, oh lordi,
Save it for another day!

A Simple Stone

Clutching a pebble
Colourless and drab
Until water hits
And it springs to life
A rainbow across
Its pitted surface
Laughing at our
Ridiculous misconception.
Tiny keeper of our history
So old and so ignored
A tale in every crack
Every mark and scuff
The edge of someone’s life.
Skimmed across a lake
Each bounce is a new adventure
Each touch of the water
Bringing new life
New memories
To the guardian of time.
Shall it rest forever
Jewel like and regal
At the bottom of this lake?
Given time, I’m sure
We will meet again.

Tiny Light

Tired in the morning
Yawning from the night
Muscles cramped with fever
Strung out from the fight
Leaving bedroom empty
Step into the sun
Clothes, toothpaste and water
Down steps; one by one
Little smile is all it takes
To get me out my funk
Kick out all these crazy blues
Throw out all the junk
Where we going baby?
Going to the park
Going to the playground
Going to make a mark
See some little animals
Palms and cacti too
Hear the water flowing
Just me and little you
Hand in hand we wander
In trees and bricks and lights
Nothing makes me gladder
Than his eyes wide at these sights
Tired in the morning
Tired, happy, in the night
Smiles were forged by tiny hands
My everlasting light.

NaPoWriMo site up!

Evening all. I’ve decided to participate in NaPoWriMo. The task is to write a poem every day of April. So there are seven new scribings up on the new site now, which you can find here. Don’t forget to click “Follow” to see all the new poems first. I’ve gone with the theme of nature and the outside world; if nothing else but to encourage the sun and the spring to hurry it along! Here is today’s offering:

Meaning to Garden

I meant to garden today

The sun was bright

The compost soft

The tubs from recycling

Clean and tempting

Tasks that take time

Done in a flash

And friends been and gone

Furniture moved

So nothing left but

The desire to garden.

I meant to garden today

But fatigue pulled at my eyes

Cramped my muscles

And made me sit upon the new sofa

Laze around the house

And eventually fall asleep.

I’m sorry spring day

Though you were cold

You were shiny

And beautiful

And I truly, truly promise

That I meant to garden today.

Hawk and the Half Moon


Sharp wings tug at frigid air
Thermals crippled
By Cailleach’s touch.
Though sky is her hue
Delightful deep blue,
Her breath makes the bird
Struggle for height
Strive for flight.
He circles, frustrated,
Almost black against
The colourful morning.
He scars the misty white face
Of the half moon;
A cataract eye
Blinking behind cloud lids;
Tired of night
So drifting sleepily into day.
Music in my ears as this tableau-
Hawk framed by half moon-
Is forever sealed by the kiss
Of blessed memory.

Words copyright Mabh Savage 2013

Art Kirsten Savage 2013

Thanks sis x


Brain like a sponge. Soaking information up. Absorbing everything. But a sponge is…leaky. Drippy. Is information trickling slowly from my ears? And on a night, when fatigued, my head feels squishy and nauseatingly malleable; is that a symptom of having a brain like a sponge? What if I absorb too much? Will I over expand and strain? No, a sponge never does that. So as more goes in, something somewhere must be coming out. That explains lost moments; wandering into rooms and forgetting why one is there; keys lost forever and cards replaced only to turn up the very next day; birthdays, names and even faces lost to oblivion. I’m sorry, dear lost memory, I can’t be held responsible; I have a brain like a sponge.


“Hey Stan. I’m here to take charge of my new ward. Can you sort me out?”
I pass the befuddled surveillance engineer my papers and he checks them cursorily and shakes his head.
“Rather you than me! Can’t deny it seems a good idea putting him to work though. How come you’re the first to think of it?”
“Maybe I’m only the first to be this persuasive!”
We both laugh a little as he passes me the swipe card for the door. I take Stan through the plan.
“Once I have him he has his own security pass. It’s restricted so he can only enter certain areas, and of course he’s expected back here at the end of his shift- although you know that doesn’t go to plan for most of us! So call me if you get stressed about his whereabouts, you’ve got my number, and make sure the rest of the guys down here have it too. Last thing I want is to give anyone an ulcer.”
“Nice one, I’ll pass it on. Marie’s on holiday but I’ll see the other guys this weekend; make sure everyone’s in the know. Crap Reen, this is really weird!”
“Hello? Gonna be working with him every day? Weird just got a whole new definition.”
He makes a face and turns back to his reports and I head down the corridor towards my new acquisition.

The card slides noiselessly down the lock and the green light flashes. I open the door and keep my hand on it so it closes quietly. Moriarty is laying on his mattress, eyes closed. I’m not sure if he is asleep (on standby? Shut down? Recharging?) or simply thinking, so rather than disturb him I sit at the table and wait. After a minute it’s clear he’s not moving (and I won’t lie, the lack of breath is a little disturbing) so I get my e-reader out and start working through some reports. No rest for the wicked and scientifically adept, apparently. I’ve done 5 lab reports and signed off three funding requests when he speaks.
“You really are an astonishingly courteous human Miss Hadley.”
“So sure it’s me? I thought I was pretty quiet.” He smiles and opens his eyes.
“The courtesy gave you away I’m afraid. That’s its only flaw.” He glides to his feet and joins me at the table.
“Well that’s not so bad. I wasn’t sure if you were resting or not.”
“I was, thank you. I wasn’t asleep though. Just…being calm. It helps me sort data.”
Almost like meditation. Interesting.
“Do you actually sleep then? I know you said before that you dreamt, so, um, stupid question maybe…”
“Not stupid at all. What I do, when I’m fully at rest, I don’t have a better word to call than sleep. My external stimuli are off; my functions are limited to self repair and filing data, much like your REM sleep, and I do dream, ever since a certain stage in the development of my AI; something to do with the way I now process data. I don’t fantasise; I only dream about things I have experienced or know of. But there’s a great deal of data in here.” He touches his forehead. “So I have a lot of interesting material to work with.”

There’s one of those tiny smiles playing on his lips and I can’t help but know that he’s dying for me to ask what he dreams about. To be perverse of course, I don’t. Instead I say,
“That’s fascinating. You should keep a dream journal, look for any patterns.”
“I remember them all, in sequence. There is no pattern I can discern.”
“Of course you do. Still, writing something down that you remember has the effect of cognitive reinforcement; although your thought processes are not human, you may find a similar effect. Just remembering something is one thing; actually studying it, as if it is something someone else has given you to consider, is a very different process.”
He looks pleased.
“What a good idea Miss Hadley.”
“Anyway, are you ready to go?”

Oh I do so love catching him off guard. It’s so difficult to do and it’s so wrong that I get such a kick out of it. Those wide eyes flickering, mouth open and the most innocent look of confusion… It’s almost too much to bear but I do!

“Go?” He is stumped. It’s great. I wish I had a camera. His eyes flicker some more and he tries again but still simply manages “Go?”
“That’s right, I didn’t tell you yet. You have a new position within ULTIcorps. You’re my new lab assistant. And personal assistant really because I can’t have both and get away with… Well never mind. Are you coming? Presuming you want the job of course?”
“Yes yes yes!” He actually does a back flip on the spot then runs around, kneels in front of my chair and throws his arms around my legs. Now I am the one who is thrown off guard! I knew he was emotional but I have never, ever seen him display overt affection like this. We are both delighted; laughing, I hug him back.
“You’re pleased then. There are terms you know. This isn’t an ‘escape’ as such.”
Eyes lock on mine, flicker, then he gives me the result of his computation:
“Whatever the terms, it’s worth it.”

Copyright Mabh Savage March 2013