Modern Seer

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, A Modern Celt, from the chapter examining how prophecy, a theme popular in Celtic stories, is still alive in varying forms today.

“…Does having guidance as to what may be around the corner actually aid us in anyway? Or is it better to deal with things as and when they happen; to react to each situation without any forethought other than that which is given to us by every day events? I spoke to my friend Emma, who is unusual in that she experiences what can only be described as premonitions. For most of her life she has felt changes in herself and her own moods whenever something has been upcoming either in her life or the lives of those close to her or connected to her, but she has little or no control over it. We got together to chat about her unique situation, and I ask her to try and describe what it’s like when she feels something, then that feeling is subsequently followed by an event or occurrence. I immediately realise I am massively simplifying this for Emma; as this conversation progresses, you will see what I mean. This level of connection to a prophetic talent is so subtle yet enormous at the same time, it’s difficult to describe, and having only ever had prophetic dreams myself, and not very often, it’s a feeling I can only experience as an outsider looking in. Emma is thoughtful as I ask her to give me some examples of when this has happened to her, and I feel like I am asking her to use finger paints to show me the Mona Lisa…”

I hope this leaves you wanting more, big thanks to Emma for giving an extremely personal insight into her unique talent; you may have to wait for the book to learn more!

Copyright 2013 Mabh Savage

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