Month: October 2015

David Cameron: Spambot

David Cameron, David Cam You are a robot Made out of spam You hunt the foxes  And kill the poor And that’s what Tories voted for. At Eton you were just one of the chaps Burning money in front of tramps I guess you… Continue Reading “David Cameron: Spambot”

Go Sober for October: Day 6

So Day 6 commences, I’m sober and surprisingly OK! Had a bit of a moment last night when Jim​ enjoyed our homebrew, but I woke up clear headed which is always a bonus 🙂 Please sponsor me, every penny helps keep me motivated and… Continue Reading “Go Sober for October: Day 6”

I’m Going Sober for October!

Please sponsor me to keep my liver clean in October! All pennies go to Macmillan Cancer Support. This is a hard challenge for me as I love my wine, particularly at this time of year. My fund raising page is HERE.