Month: May 2015

Diamond Encrusted Oranges

Asda asked me what my Click and Collect experience was like: The whole process was a shambles. Ordering itself was OK, although the search function doesn’t work too well on the website, and if you are using the website/app on your phone, you lose… Continue Reading “Diamond Encrusted Oranges”

10 things meditation can do for you

Originally posted on Druid Life:
It’s normal to see meditation described as a calming, soothing activity to reduce stress and anxiety. While it certainly can and does deliver these things, there’s so much more that is available. 1) Increased self awareness. If you regularly…

How does Magical Thought in the Middle Ages differ from today?

Some work I’m doing for the MOOC course ‘Magic in the Middle Ages’. One thing that magic in the  the Middle Ages and magic today has in common is that it is always a form of transformation. The sick are healed; the weather is… Continue Reading “How does Magical Thought in the Middle Ages differ from today?”

Gardening day.

   Marigold seedling repotted.    Yarrow ready to go into the garden.    Asparagus peas: a new venture this year.    Fresh Black Peppermint. Smells divine.