Month: October 2020

Samhain 2020

This year, Samhain might be quite different for many folks. As you celebrate summer’s end and the move into winter, please be safe, stay warm, and enjoy this time if you can. The full moon, a late hunter’s moon and a blue moon by… Continue Reading “Samhain 2020”

Nightmare Club

Waking Up Sick

Waking Up Sick Every sniffle and cough is the same: “Is this it? Have I caught it Should I isolate?” But until now, Symptoms didn’t quite match Today was different My foible is An over sensitive nose Driving my guts to distraction With the… Continue Reading “Waking Up Sick”

Reaching into Twilight

I’m not watering the plants I’m reaching out into twilight Touching the dusk Not dusting; dusking Swimming in impossible blue Under the wary red eye Of Mars Silhouette trees a startling shadow play Against spreading spilt ink Dripping like the water From my tiny… Continue Reading “Reaching into Twilight”