Month: October 2017


Recognising that today isn’t always a happy day. Not everyone is filled with joy remembering their ancestors or loved ones. Sometimes the veil being thin and opening up lets through memories that can stir up great clouds of emotion we might rather not face,… Continue Reading “Samhain “

Celtic Witchcraft 

My second book, Pagan Portals: Celtic Witchcraft, is on offer on Kindle for £2.79 at the moment. Get it here.

Hopeless Maine, Lansdown Hall

This event, part of Stroud Book Festival, looks absolutely magical. Oh for the mobility for a trip to Stroud! Please go, and then come back and tell me how marvellous it was. How many opportunities are there in life to step inside a graphic… Continue Reading “Hopeless Maine, Lansdown Hall”

Pregnancy: SPD Tips

Warning: some mention of sex. SPD may be referred to as PGP. The first acronym means symphysis pubis dysfunction. The latter means pelvic girdle pain. Both cover the often excruciating pain caused by excessive movement of the pelvic and pubic bones during pregnancy. I… Continue Reading “Pregnancy: SPD Tips”

Season Tree

Some time back Nathan (seven) and I decided we wanted something in the front hall way that brightened the place up, and showed the changing of the seasons. I dug out this lovely, eastern style lantern with different nature images on each panel, and… Continue Reading “Season Tree”