Month: February 2013


“Did I miss something? Like a month? Is it April already?” Byron Mackintosh, ladies and gentlefolk, boss of me and just about everyone else in this division of the corporation. A good scientist in his own right but his real skill lies in managing… Continue Reading “Negotiation”

The Measure Of…

“Back again so soon.” It’s a statement of the obvious which I’m surprised at; Moriarty doesn’t seem to have a need for unnecessary words. “Indeed.” I agree. “It’s good to see you again. Everything is much the same I presume?” He looks genuinely floored;… Continue Reading “The Measure Of…”


Silence evaded me I escaped from the earth And launched into the tree Wings flapping tremulously Desperate dove that flees The cat of clamour. Calm is a welcome balm; Silence; Sophia: wisdom Goddess in the branches Hold me quietly safe. Let these wings be… Continue Reading “Sophia”


Ah Jack, my old friend… I pour the nectar into a cold glass and watch condensation form on the outside. I never use ice; dilutes it too much. A glass from the freezer gives it a nice cold bite on the tongue. Yes, even… Continue Reading “Jack”

Testing Time

I walk into the lab, grab a coat and a pair of goggles and head over to the console where James is working. James is a fantastic lab technician; courteous, fastidious and very skilled. He was my personal lab tech for a while but… Continue Reading “Testing Time”

Storm Moon

Storm moon coming Beating at the door Tempers are a raising Mood drop through the floor Hard times over Starvation ain’t the kill Hearts running hungry Stagnant water standing still Voices louder No one asking why Anger comes from the gut Emptiness from the… Continue Reading “Storm Moon”


So this is our “black op”. He looks like a man. Different though, odd in the way he moves. And he is moving. I expected to see him sat perfectly still, waiting for input, or dejected with how long he has been in this… Continue Reading “Surveillance”

The Chapel

The chapel is beautiful, ethereal. Called square, it’s actually longer along the east and west walls which are entirely made of saints and apostles, sculpted straight out of the sandstone, and lit with tiny lights making each of them glow; a heavenly luminescence that… Continue Reading “The Chapel”


Sometimes sadness is so profound, it almost becomes a physical object. When it has a weight to it, and carrying it is not only emotionally tiring, but bodily exhausting. The backpack of sorrow, dragging shoulders and chin down, and straining the back; straps of… Continue Reading “Sorrow”