Month: February 2017

What am I making today?

Someone Saying ‘Hello’

Doves and Pigeons

Image copyright: Columba Oenas, Stock Dove; Jim Gifford via Wikimedia Commons. Doves are generally known as birds of peace; the bearer of the olive branch at the end of the flood. The great thing about researching my book of magical birds, is finding juxtapositions… Continue Reading “Doves and Pigeons”


Plenty of fish in the Shop, striking, slicing batter and Chip off the old block Out the lights, the blinding Light the candle, don’t curse the Dark before dawn, the morn, the Yawning chasm of emptiness Jumping and leaping from One idea island to… Continue Reading “Plenty”

My Tuesday Valentine

I know it’s Valentine’s Day A Christian throwback To a Roman party Whips and wolves Reduced to discount chocolates  Cards compete In the cheese wars; Drawers renewed With lingerie that Doesn’t fit. I know it makes no sense This consumerist cock up Of religious… Continue Reading “My Tuesday Valentine”

Online Imbolc Festival 

Please come and join me and plenty of others at the Pagan Federation Online Imbolc Festival! There are talks by Jenny Luddington, Robin Herne, Alex Bear, Viviane, Debi Gregory, Andy Rycroft-Price and myself. I’ll be continuing my exploration into dealing with anxiety whilst being a… Continue Reading “Online Imbolc Festival “

Imbolc Offerings