Month: February 2014

Blackbirds at Twilight

Blackbirds at Twilight Calling, indignant,
Get out of my space
This is my place
I perch at the edge
The edge of worlds
The edge of all things
Guarding the boundary
I am Druid Dubh
But hear me now
For you are still
For you respect
For you listen and understand
Try to connect;
My angry shout…

Springing Forward…

I’m about to start writing our rite (riting??) for Spring Equinox, also know as Ostara and various other goddess related names. I’m using the theme of fresh beginnings, which is common through ritual work at the Sabbats, as we cleanse away that which is…

Jimmy Nelson-Before They Pass Away

You must see these gorgeous pictures of tribes from around the world. Absolutely stunning:  

Paganism 101: An Introduction to Paganism by 101 Pagans

Originally posted on fionatinker:
  This new book is a composite project from Moon Books and is a really interesting read. Well, I found it so because I had no idea what others had written until I saw the pre-publication proofs! 101 of us…

Star light, Star bright…

Wish I may, Wish I might Is this just a load of shite? When we wish upon a star, For that job or brand new car Are we just fools? Hooked on a dream Of hope so false and tattered seam Of fraying thread…


Following today’s prompt of Circle, this poem is about building Sentry Circle at Lenthor Farm Circle we dreamed Seen in a haze “One of these days…” We banished that phrase Circle we saw In places we’d been That made us feel keen To make…

Website Overhaul

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to homes you know! Well, I suppose a website is a bit like an online home isn’t it… Anyway, go and have a look at the website now it’s been tidied up a bit. Does it have everything you…