Month: March 2015

The Power of Old Tights!

 An ‘up cycling’ achievement: half of one leg of a dead pair of (clean!) tights with two handfuls of oatmeal in the foot, suspended in the running hot water of Nathan’s bath to help ease his chicken pox. Plenty of cold water added… Continue Reading “The Power of Old Tights!”

Alban Eilir: Time of the Hare

My Equinox musings can be found here:

Outside In: Heart Centre, Leeds

If you’re in Leeds this Saturday, do pop in to Heart in Headingley where Peter Spafford will be showcasing local talent. Expect music, spoken word and poetry, and also expect to be impressed. Click link below for full details. See you there!

Terence Pratchett, novelist, born 28 April 1948; died 12 March 2015

SuziH says it better than I ever could. Sharing with tears in my eyes. Out of cheese error.


It’s the second of March, and winter has returned. Beyond the safe green of my house plants there is a blizzard; fast, white and dangerous. Even as I type, the flakes are becoming thicker and the garden toys are disappearing under an icy veil.… Continue Reading “Blizzard”