Month: January 2022

Frosty Morning

…The wind doesn’t have a chance
But we stay inside
Admiring echoes
Of misty Niflheim…

My Blog – A Quick Disclaimer

Everything I write on this blog is based purely on my own experiences and my own UPG (unverified personal gnosis), unless otherwise specifically stated. I feel it’s a good time to put this as I’m committing to blogging more as part of my current… Continue Reading “My Blog – A Quick Disclaimer”

Cold Moon

January’s full moon has many traditional names, from Wolf Moon in America to Old Moon, Snow Moon, or Cold Moon in Europe. I like Cold Moon – it’s frosty right now in Yorkshire, not snowy, and January is a deep, cold month. It encourages… Continue Reading “Cold Moon”

Written, not yet Writ

Pouring frazzled words onto Digital paper Quill in my own blood Hardly plucked From a falcon’s wing Only my own Tortured imagination Obsession with fiction Becomes fascination with fact But truly The latter came first And now I carefully Build a wall between them… Continue Reading “Written, not yet Writ”

Happy New Year! A poem…