Month: March 2018


Photo by me, Magpie through a rainy window, copyright 2017. One for Sorrow Two for Joy Three for a Girl Four for a Boy Five for Silver Six for Gold Seven for a Secret Ne’er to be told. Ok, most of us will know… Continue Reading “Magpies”

World Poetry Day 2018

For World Poetry Day today, I was obsessed with petrichor, the smell after the rain. Here are some of the poetic doodles I did today… Rain hits soil hits nose Knowing how it works doesn’t Make it not magic. Microbes multiply Each rain drop… Continue Reading “World Poetry Day 2018”

Two Sides of the Wheel

It struck me today that for her entire life, there has been more darkness than light for my four-month-old. Born in November, weeks after the autumnal equinox, she has never known a time where the day outshone the night. My first born was almost… Continue Reading “Two Sides of the Wheel”

Feels like Spring

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Sprig morning from last year. Mabh Savage View original post

Cabaret 30 2018

SavageWolf performing live. I was honoured to be a part of this year’s Cabaret 30 event, part of the Headingley Literature Festival. The event celebrates young artists, writers, musicians, poets, comedians and more, and is a satisfyingly diverse night of entertainment. Read more about… Continue Reading “Cabaret 30 2018”


I’ve been doing some work for a company that splits all its jobs into microtransactions. It’s a new way of working for me. You don’t focus on what went before, or what comes after; you just literally focus on the job that is in… Continue Reading “Microtransactions”