Month: December 2015

Hornsea in Winter


Snow Dreams

Plain white sky Like hotel sheets Dull and unexpecting Business like and taut. So featureless Yet promising Cold, white fluff Softness incarnate Deadly and sharp. Drifting down And against doors No pause No laws Against this invasion. I dream of snow; December’s promise Solstice… Continue Reading “Snow Dreams”

Celtic Witchcraft- Pre Order Available!

I received the best parcel ever yesterday: a bundle of books with my name on them! If you’ve been enjoying my installments of Celtic Witchcraft on the Moon Books Blog, you can now pre order the book here. It’s out April 29th 2016, and… Continue Reading “Celtic Witchcraft- Pre Order Available!”

Midwinter MadnessĀ 

I’m sat in the doctor’s waiting room about to unveil a tale of woe for my long suffering GP. I’m coughing my guts up, but that’s not even on my list; a list I have to bring or my mushy brain will inevitably cause… Continue Reading “Midwinter MadnessĀ “