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I’m just in awe at how perfect these snowflakes are.

Snow Dreams

Plain white sky Like hotel sheets Dull and unexpecting Business like and taut. So featureless Yet promising Cold, white fluff Softness incarnate Deadly and sharp. Drifting down And against doors No pause No laws Against this invasion. I dream of snow; December’s promise Solstice… Continue Reading “Snow Dreams”

Winter Wonder: Snow Scene

Thank you to William West for this beautiful submission to the Winter Wonder series. You can find William at http://billonbike.blogspot.com Snow Scene You were magic When we first met And so was I I could see it in your eyes You flung your arms… Continue Reading “Winter Wonder: Snow Scene”

Little moments of wonder…

When winter is an idea and home is where the central heating is; when frost holds no fear for the English wanderer; take the snow and make it your plaything. Forget the empty, useless roads and take joy in being stuck at home. This… Continue Reading “Little moments of wonder…”

Might snow this weekend…

Why do we say it’s brisk when it’s cold outside? Brisk; fast, quick, sharp movements. Lively; with vigor.Is the cold vigorous? Perhaps it more describes us:Rushing out of the icy air into warm abodesBreath like fog and eyes sparkling diamondsIn mines of glowing red;Or… Continue Reading “Might snow this weekend…”