Month: September 2013

Respectful and interesting post about a handfasting in Scotland. Although it makes Pagans sound a bit alcoholic! Click text above to see article. I love to see posts about how ‘Pagan’ events are pretty much just like their ‘non-Pagan’ alternatives, with slight differences that… Continue Reading “”

A Modern Celt: Book Launch Update

Just having a discussion about the mass appeal of the Morrigan as a tutelary goddess. Here’s one of my comments: “I do work with the Morrigan but quite happily accept that not only does she have commonalities with other goddesses but the likelihood is… Continue Reading “A Modern Celt: Book Launch Update”

A toast to you

Just got myself a glass of Kath’s Viking Blood Mead. It’s wrong to drink it without making a toast, so here’s a toast to everyone who is here, or will be here later, and who has put up with my hermitism and madness throughout… Continue Reading “A toast to you”

A Modern Celt: It’s Here!

My book, A Modern Celt is officially released today! It’s available all over the place, and here’s the link to Amazon where you can have a peek inside and see what all the fuss is about. Remember, from 20.00 tonight I will be online… Continue Reading “A Modern Celt: It’s Here!”

A Modern Celt: Book Launch! Online so you don’t have to leave the house…

Please join me for an online discussion/debate/ramble in celebration of my first book being published. The book covers the influence of Celts on modern society through Pagan and non Pagan eyes, and through experiences both spiritual and mundane. I’d like people to get involved… Continue Reading “A Modern Celt: Book Launch! Online so you don’t have to leave the house…”

Rising in the Fall…

Taken while on Equinox Camp with amazing friends. The sun shone hot and I had to steal an Americanism for my title, simply because of how high I felt; how drunk on happiness and calm and balmy contentment; how warm and exquisite and worldly.… Continue Reading “Rising in the Fall…”

Future Learn

This is the best idea I have seen for a long time. Courses designed and run by universities, which are totally free. Learning from the top minds in the country and no course fees, no attendance; simply log in on your pc, phone or… Continue Reading “Future Learn”

Broken Blue

Mornings like this are the epitome of autumn for me. A magical mix that should be distressing but in its balance becomes quite beautiful. Sunshine beaming in the blue beneath heavy lids of looming cloud; birds soaring gleefully then buffeted by the random raucous… Continue Reading “Broken Blue”

Random acts of kindness

I’m a bit blue and fed up so thought I would list some of the nice things that have happened in the last few weeks: 1/ Owner of San Co Co Cafe in Leeds gave Nathan some chocolate brownie. 2/ Lots of people wishing… Continue Reading “Random acts of kindness”

Early autumn sunset outside my house.