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Write it out…

I saw a Nora Roberts quote the other day along the lines of You want to write? Then shut up and write. Stop messing about and write.  It’s great advice, yet procrastination seems to be the order of the day. I have two main projects on… Continue Reading “Write it out…”

Winter Wonder: Win my book!

Another bite of winter. If you want to submit an entry for my Winter Wonder series, please send your winter related prose, poetry or art via the form below. If you want to attach an item rather than write straight onto the form, please… Continue Reading “Winter Wonder: Win my book!”

A Modern Celt: It’s Here!

My book, A Modern Celt is officially released today! It’s available all over the place, and here’s the link to Amazon where you can have a peek inside and see what all the fuss is about. Remember, from 20.00 tonight I will be online… Continue Reading “A Modern Celt: It’s Here!”