Write it out…

I saw a Nora Roberts quote the other day along the lines of

You want to write? Then shut up and write. Stop messing about and write. 

It’s great advice, yet procrastination seems to be the order of the day. I have two main projects on the go, my book on Celtic Witchcraft, and a science fiction saga about artificial intelligence that I’ve had some publishing interest in. I’ve committed to a vignette for a new anthology, and my regular column for Pagan Pages. I also have the day job, my lovely son, housework, two cats, looking after the crow; oh, and that pesky eating and sleeping stuff I have to do.

It’s so easy to let the few rare, empty hours slide into games on the iPhone, slumping on the sofa, eyes falling anywhere but on the laptop I so want to conquer. I want to beat my ideas into submission and lay them, defeated and compliant, on the digital page of Word. Yet I’m fiddling on my phone and extending deadlines.

Shut up and write Mabh. Shut up and write…

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