Month: March 2017

Feels like Spring

Time to be kind to oneself…

Originally posted on Mabh Savage:
Favourite thought of the day: Meditation is a time to be friends with one’s own heart. This from a guided meditation by Ajahn Sundara, who also says it is a time to be kind to oneself; not to fight…

Talking with the Morning

Monday Morning Moods I read an article in the e-zine I write for (Pagan Pages), about speaking with our morning spirits. I liked the article because it encourages you to address your own moods in a morning, and points out that it doesn’t matter… Continue Reading “Talking with the Morning”

World Book Day

After accepting that mummy simply did not have the skill nor the will to fabricate a Harry Potter costume overnight, Nathan decided he would ‘wear a word’ which is a great option this year. Especially for those of us with dubious organisational skills and… Continue Reading “World Book Day”