World Book Day

After accepting that mummy simply did not have the skill nor the will to fabricate a Harry Potter costume overnight, Nathan decided he would ‘wear a word’ which is a great option this year. Especially for those of us with dubious organisational skills and poor sewing ability. Oh, and no spare £20 to run down to Asda with.

I asked him what his favourite word was, and after a few false starts, and a debate about whether proper nouns counted (Pokémon and Minecraft were mentioned), he decided that his favourite word was ‘Magic’. I can’t deny that I’m quite delighted by that. Every child should have some magic in their lives, and I’m glad Nathan sees some in his.

He’s taken The Weirdstone of Brisingamen in as his book to share, a childhood favourite of mine, full of British folklore, that I now get to share with him. This parenting lark is pretty cool sometimes.

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