Month: January 2015

A Crow Comes to Visit

When I was little I rescued an injured crow, and as it was too damaged to return to the wild, the crow stayed with my family and usually lives with my mum and dad. Crowley the Crow is visiting me, however, because mum and… Continue Reading “A Crow Comes to Visit”

Brigid’s Fire Imbolc Issue- Out Now!

I’m so proud to contribute towards this fantastic magazine full of all things Pagan, magical and seasonal. In this issue I write about how Brigid has inspired me to sing. There’s also articles from Ali Isaac, Alan Crowe and many more. Click the picture… Continue Reading “Brigid’s Fire Imbolc Issue- Out Now!”

Preserved lemons

My other half bought me a gorgeous tagine for Yule, and after having taken it out for a successful maiden voyage (mutton with olives and apricots) I’ve been inspired to explore North African cooking a little more. These preserved lemons are easy and satisfying… Continue Reading “Preserved lemons”

Dirty Poem

Pen meet paper Have a chat Shake nib with grain In absence of hands A heat erupts Between two strangers Immediate, shocking As fuzz of fibre Cause ink to flow Liquid and glorious.

Druidry and diplomacy

Originally posted on Druid Life:
The Romans gave us the tale of Druids going out onto battlefields and ending the fight. Far too many modern Druids, especially those arguing with each other in social media spaces, manifestly lack for diplomatic skills. Further, there doesn’t…

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Needs YOU

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show Needs YOU. Click the link above to see how your band could be appearing on a fantastic compilation album in 2015. Good luck!