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Lugh’s Lesson

I walk up to the gates And I tell them How much I have to offer How much I have to give But they don’t want to know They’ve seen it all before You don’t write better Sing better Fight better Than any we’ve… Continue Reading “Lugh’s Lesson”


Plenty of fish in the Shop, striking, slicing batter and Chip off the old block Out the lights, the blinding Light the candle, don’t curse the Dark before dawn, the morn, the Yawning chasm of emptiness Jumping and leaping from One idea island to… Continue Reading “Plenty”

Celtic Witchcraft, nearly there!

The penultimate chapter of Celtic Witchcraft is up! Please have a read HERE and leave me a comment letting me know what you you think. The final chapter will be up next month. I’m just negotiating for my cover artwork. Very exciting!

Word Emporium

Last night saw Trinity Church in Leeds play host to Word Emporium, an open mic event with the aim of sharing stories and telling truths. As part of the Love Arts Festival, one of the aims of this event is to get people talking… Continue Reading “Word Emporium”

Gift of the Night

The gift of the night is the universe Opened up like a black tulip Petals uncurling in the light Of all the suns that ever were. The gift of the night is the universe Sky’s barrier broken down Eyes reach as far as they… Continue Reading “Gift of the Night”

Electric inspiration

Words are static on the page; like static electricity, they buzz and chirp and make you vibrate, but only direct current shocks you. Is it the same with spoken word? Do the words come with their own voltage to power you in a way… Continue Reading “Electric inspiration”