Electric inspiration

Words are static on the page; like static electricity, they buzz and chirp and make you vibrate, but only direct current shocks you. Is it the same with spoken word? Do the words come with their own voltage to power you in a way that can only be emulated by the paper variety? I can happily plug into a book (or my kindle) and zap my brain into quiet oblivion. But a live performance jolts all my senses awake, inspiring with amplitude and alternating currents of awareness.

I’m about to find out just how much juice my words can pack. I’m going to be doing a live reading of some of my poetry, and what I need from you, kind followers, is to tell me this: out of all the poems I have posted on this blog or here, which would be your favourite to hear performed live? Please have a read and leave your thoughts in the comments. That’s the charge I need!

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