A Day in the Woods

What a lovely weekend. I was honoured to be a part of the Online Beltane Music Festival, run by the Pagan Federation Disabilities Team, and really enjoyed seeing the other speakers and performers and interacting with the guests. For those who can’t get out and about due to physical or mental health, these festivals provide a real life-line.

I’m lucky enough that I’m quite mobile at the moment. Last year I was pregnant from February to November with various problems including a severe musculoskeletal condition which left me on crutches by the time I was 6 months in. So, despite continuing issues with hypermobility and chronic pain, I’m actually feeling the best I have for ages! So me and my friend took advantage of the summer-like Sunday weather and headed out into the woods.

Our destination was Post Hill, so named because it was previously owned by the newspaper, the Yorkshire Evening Post. These woods have a chequered history, having been used in happy times as a venue for motorbike hill climb events (it’s still a popular biking venue today) but also, in darker times, as a prisoner-of-war camp in World War II. There’s no evidence of these very different yet both very human endeavours today. The woods are lovely, dark and deep…

Online Beltane Music Festival!

Just look at this line up! I’m so excited to be on the same line up as Damh the Bard and Inkubus Sukkubus, as well as amazing speakers such as Kitchen Witch Rachel Patterson and Hopeless, Maine‘s Nimue Brown.

Here’s the link to the event. These online festivals have been the brainchild of the amazing Pagan Federation Disabilities Team, designed to allow those who struggle to get to physical festivals a chance to join in and celebrate with the rest of the Pagan community. A stalwart weapon in the war against isolation, these festivals are now being hosted by the main Pagan Federation page which should allow them to reach even more people who may otherwise find it difficult to join in with the celebrations.

A new feature for this year is the Online Beltane Marketplace. Just like a physical festival has stalls, the online festival has a marketplace where you can browse and maybe even make a few purchases. The marketplace is open now if you want to pop in!

Saturday the 12th and Sunday 13th May, from 12pm both days. I’ll be doing a short set of music at 14.45 on both days. I look forward to seeing you there!

Beltane Fire

2018-05-01 15.07.48

Moonlight Haiku

Door slam traffic jam

Fuming, steam from ears, hot mess

I pause, moonlight healed.

Rules for Living on the Moon

Don’t touch the flag

Kicking moon dust

In faces

Is Not On!

Look frequently towards

The earth

Admire the sun

With protection

Of course


Inwards and out

No cheese jokes

Ok, that’s not mandatory

The only holes

Are in the plot.

The Moon

A card is pulled

A sphere

Leaning to the side

Of mercy.

Our animal self

Howls at it

Barks at it

Gnashes shark teeth

But we can’t control

The master of tides

We fear the path

Between the two towers

Yet walk it we must

Step by step

Gasp by sigh

Kind and just


Into the unknown.


Sticky, clicky poppy lid

Snaps open; nasal bliss

Ensues; a sugary mid

Morning madness

Red, glistening, pips

Upon my shoulder

Captain of the preserves

Conserve my energy

For this conserve

A jewel upon my knife

Then spread on wheat

Burnt, golden, sweet

Jam makes a happy life!