Doing a bit of last minute research before my appearance on Radio 4’s Beyond Belief, being recorded on Wednesday.


Working on the second aett of Elder Futhark runes.

Crystal Phoenix Art

Sometimes I just like to share my favourite things with you all. Here is my favourite Etsy shop, Crystal Phoenix Art. I’ve known the owner and craftsperson for many years and she is lovely and incredibly talented. Everything in her shop has 30% off right now so please go take a look and treat yourself. I have a number of pieces and they are all stunning.

The Rain Roars

The rain roars down

A lions last attempt

To eviscerate

The zebra of sun

From the jungle of cracks

In the pavement

A whip crack of water

Slashing holes

In lawns, borders

Ants dive for cover

In the jungle of cracks

In the pavement

Not realising

They seal their own doom

Hear the rumble

The crackle

The inevitability

Not thunder

Or lightning

Just rain, rain, rain,

Flooding in and filling

Every space

Pouring between bins

Banging on the flu pipe

Rattling in the vents

And sealing the jungle

Of cracks

In the pavement.

You Can.

Self doubt can be a crippling thing and believe me when I say I understand that not everything is achievable, whether that’s due to energy levels, mental health, or other obstacles.

But don’t ever let anyone tell you what your story has to be. You are the one who decides what you can do, or at least in partnership with those who are truly on your team.

I’ve just signed a book contract for a project about living a greener, more sustainable life as a Pagan. I’m so excited about this, as it feels like a great way to contribute towards our community.

I’ve also started working completely freelance, as some of you know. The first two months have been, well, challenging financially, but I’ve stuck at it and now have regular work writing about health and nutrition.

I have a lot of great support and I don’t pretend I could do any of those things without it. Thank you, and I hope that whatever your dreams are, that you have a way to move closer to them becoming a reality!💕