Weathering the Storm- Out Now!

This anthology of supportive articles is designed to help anyone who is struggling right now. Get help reconnecting to spiritually, learn practical ways to cope and start to understand the psychological impact of the crisis and how to overcome it.

With a focus on support and helping build resilience, the book is free from most outlets including Barnes and Noble. Please share widely so the most people possible can get the benefit of this free volume.

Stay safe!

Weathering the Storm

This new book from various Moon Books authors (including me!) looks at practical, spiritual and psychological ways to support yourself and others when going through tough times- like the current crisis. Out this Friday, the 15th May, just 99p on Amazon UK and free in the US.

Pre-order here.

The PF Online Garden!

Come and join us today for videos, games, music and more! All from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Plus there will be something new in this event every day until the summer solstice!

NaPoWriMo Day 22: NaPoWriMo Blues

I got behind… again

I got distracted… again

There was other stuff going on… again

Like last year

When I didn’t finish

And the year before

When I barely finished

So why

This year of all years

When there is more reason than ever

To be stressed

To be less creative

To excuse the barren salt plains

Of my beating brain

Do I feel so shit about

Being behind…


NaPoWriMo Day 21: Lockdown Blues

It almost seems


To complain

When we have a roof

A house

Money coming in- less, mind

So much less

And no help from on high

Thanks to creeping criteria

And tape not so much red

As blue-blood coloured

Fuck the Tories

Fuck the Tories

Fuck the Tories

But that aside,

We’re doing ok

We really are

Our kids are alive

Thriving with

Words and number and music and art

Hardly as full of education

As at school

We don’t pump, we trickle

More of a well-worn spring than a gushing geyser

Of knowledge.

But we’re doing ok,

I write, he does

Most everything else

I talk with friends

We drink

We laugh

So why

Do these tears creep

Creep in the night

Creep out of my Judas eyes

Down my face

Into my throbbing heart.

Discrimination Against Pagans

Religious discrimination is not something anyone should have to tolerate. Please take a moment to lodge a complaint about this disgusting display of intolerance and ignorance from gutter tag, The Sun. Unsurprising behaviour from them, but it will NOT be tolerated.