Valentine’s Softness

An old #ValentinesDay poem (link below) which switches between cynical and soft- which are you this #Valentine2020 ?‬

Keep Turning the Lights Off

I sometimes feel

In the singular

Even in my own home

Flicking switches

Tightening taps

Rinsing our eggshells

Crushing them

Like brittle dreams

But over time

My way is becoming

The way

Save the jars

Scrub and recycle the plastic

Make towers of tubs

And rockets from

Rubicon cans

Just mind those sharp edges

The challenge is fatigue

Sometimes it’s just easier

To throw it all in one bin

To leave the house bright and lit

No dark space

For contemplation

But the world is on fire

Greta wasn’t joking

When she told us

The world is on fire

Australia is on fire

America has been on fire

Portugal has been on fire

Midden heaps exploding

In the midday sun

So my fatigue

The thoughtless laziness

Of small boys

And larger

Is meaningless

But action

Means very much indeed

So sort the bins

Walk to the shops

Patch the clothes

Replace fuses, not fridges

And when it’s hard

I’ll just keep

Turning the lights off

One at a time.

Image via Unsplash, Skye Studios, @skyestudiosmedia

Thursday Thoughts…

Imbolc Book Club: On Now!

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Imbolc Blessings!

May the first stirrings of spring be felt joyfully within you. Here’s my musings from last year:

From Europe to Eternity

As much as I would like to say something meaningful about the U.K., my home, leaving the European Union today, I’m finding it hard to find the words. I feel a bit numb; like it’s a bad dream I might wake up from. But then, I’m hyper aware of how melodramatic that sounds, especially to those who either supported the Leave campaign or who don’t care much either way.

I firmly believe this is the wrong decision. I believe that we are stronger together. I believe that as an island country with no empire (despite what some seem to believe) and few meaningful trade agreements as yet, we will struggle. There’s this pervasive attitude of “Well, we’ll struggle through together! Like in the war!” But… we shouldn’t have to. We shouldn’t have to.

Having said that, little I or anyone else can say will change what’s going to happen today. We are leaving the EU. Bloody hell, I’ve got a tear in my eye as I write this. We are leaving the EU and now all we can do is this: unify. We must, we have to forget the things that divide us and work together to make sure no one suffers because of the changes that are coming. We need to become a nation of kindness, of compassion, of celebrated diversity and acceptance for all. We need to be firm and fight when required, whether via letters to MPs, protests, or at the voting booth. We need to keep our voices, all our voices, loud and steady, as steady as they can be, to ensure fairness for everyone. Opportunities for everyone.

We are leaving. Nothing can change that now. Britain looks into eternity alone, with uncertainty, with at least eleven months of trials and trade agreement troubles and trepidation. Let’s make it as easy as we can by being the best we can for each other. The best we can be.

Thursday Thoughts…