I’m on the radio!

8pm tonight, Wyldwood Radio. An interview and a bit of music too! Enjoy.



Kiddylicious Goodies!

Really excited to be a part of the October Kiddylicious campaign. Ember loves these snacks so it’s no hardship at all spreading the word about how yummy they are!

I think her current favourite is the soft apple biscotti, although like any baby, she changes from day to day! We’re taking some to the baby group tomorrow to share the love.

Inktober: Spell

A wand. My wand, actually. Rosewood bark is hard to draw!

Inktober: Roast

Chickens on a spit held by supports emerging out of twin vortexes roasting over a stylised fire. Why? No idea, I’m afraid.


I’ve never done inktober before as I don’t really think of myself as an artist. I was drawn to it this year though. No idea why! I think I maybe just needed a break from writing without stopping being creative, if that makes sense?

The prompt for October the first was ‘poisonous’. I had been studying mandrake for an article for Pagan Pages, and based my first ink attempt on an old botanical print. Somehow, the feminine aspects of the plant really shouted at me. See what you think.

The Celtic Goddess- Out Today!

I am absolutely delighted to have contributed towards this anthology of goddess wisdom, alongside some of my favourite authors, no less. Ebook only, but less than £2 which is a real bargain for the content. Click image to purchase.

Autumn Colours

I’m an autumn photography addict. I can’t help but get snap happy at this time of year. Colours leaps out at me from every angle and I want to capture it, hold it, cling onto it as if the fiery colours can actually warm me. Expect a few more like this as the season progresses.

I love the way the red maple leaves look against the brilliant blue sky. What’s your favourite autumn colour?

Merry Autumn Equinox!

Joyous Alban Elfed, the light on the water.

Happy first day of autumn, according to many almanacs.

Merry Mabon, to those who honour this name.

Happy Harvest Home, the last grain being stored.

However and why ever you celebrate, may this moment of balance and reflection before the dark starts to outweigh light treat you kindly, and with some joy.


Otley Spoken Poetry Competition

If you have a spare three quid burning a hole in your pocket, why not come to Otley Courthouse next Saturday? I be performing some poetry, alongside many other poets, vying for the coveted OWF Press Spoken Poetry Prize!


Will I have any corn to bring

To place on the stone within the ring?

Will I have flesh to cut and burn

And place inside the bubbling urn?

Will I have neeps and spuds and carrots

To fill these wide and simmering pots?

Or shall I send my body’s milk,

Sweet like parsnips, smooth like silk?

Enough to feed a baby small

Enough for summer, more for fall

And more for winter still, my stock

Is never under key and lock.

I am the harvest, am the land

Though Tailtiu never took my hand

I was not cleared; I am not feared

I am the wise and wandering band

I am the morning, fresh and bright

I am the weary, sleepless night

I am the fractious, fretting squall

The wind, the wet, the weathers all

And on Lughnasadh morn, I sigh

I wipe the slouching from my eye

I bend to suckle, stroke and hold

The family, the one; the whole.

My arts to feed the ones I need

To fill my full and brimming soul.


The dog pant roar
Of a hand saw
DIY, oh why
In this heat
They must be mad
Have they had
Enough of dust
And rust
And just one more shelf
Rollers in hand (not hair)
And sleeves to there
Or not at all
Vested women
Bare breasted men
Sweating and red
Dripping on the deck
Burn, burn, burning
In the July sauna
Each droplet of damp
Just adding
To the humid mug
Clinging, and invisible
Formless foe.
Still they hammer
And spanner
And measure
And screw
And sweep
Just sleep, you fools.
Just sleep.

Friday I’m In Love

Venus.  Image processing by R. Nunes

I’ve been learning a little bit about planetary magic over the past couple of weeks, courtesy of some daily devotional work to Hekate. I had a lovely little conversation this morning with my eight-year-old son, Nathan, which reminded me of how the most serendipitous things can take you by surprise.

Me: “Did you know that Friday is associated with the planet Venus?”

Nathan: “No, what does that mean then?”

Me: “Well, if you expand that to include the Goddess Venus, there are associations with beauty, love…”

At this point, my little boy interjects excitedly, “Oh! Yeah! The Cure wrote a song about it!”

I crinkle my nose in puzzlement then laugh in delight as he starts singing,

It’s Friday I’m in love!

From the mouths of babes, eh. I wonder if Robert Smith et al knew they were inadvertently evoking Venus as they sang about love appearing out of nowhere at the week’s end?

I hope Friday is treating you well and you have a lovely weekend to look forward to. Enjoy a little bit of musical Venusian magic!