Solstice Decorating

We’ve not got much money this year so we’re finding new (old) ways to make the place look festive! Big thanks to Leeds Real Junk Food Project Sharehouse for rescuing flowers that were going to be thrown away by supermarkets. We got two lovely bunches on a pay-as-you-feel basis and they have certainly added to the festive feel.


Old Ways/New Ways

I’m frying things in butter

Oil in cupboard, with the clutter

Bottling rainwater from buckets

Standing guard until it chucks it

Down and how I check the weather

Smell of air and pinch of leather

Pine cone shrinking, mercury rising

Direct sun and cloud apprising

As if I can tell them what to do.

But I write this on my smartphone

Fruit of youth no Celtic bygone

And I check notifications

For my next purification

Crystal Jilly posts on Facebook

Love and joy, kindness and luck

And when the butter burns and smokes

Electric fan extracts while we tell jokes

About politics, science, art

Passions of the head and heart

Those ways, new ways, that show us

What to do.

The Path

This poem was written for Sue Dudley, one of the winners of a competition during the Pagan Federation Beltane Online Festival. Sue was happy for me to share the poem that she inspired. I just never got around to it until now! I am very disorganised… Sue gave me some ideas and told me a little about her life, and this is the poem that resulted from that. Thanks Sue, you were a great muse.

The Path

Of all the steps we take
The first step is the hardest
And I’ve taken mine
I’ve crossed the line
Into wonders wyrd and wild.

The dog, the man and I
Moving closer to the green
With fruit so sweet
And veg, and meat,
From our hills, ours hands; our lands.

A life of magic calls
The world laid out before me
Seasons turn
While passions burn
Beneath the Lord and Lady’s gaze.

My wishes manifesting,
Under Welsh skies, blue and grey
Woodland scenes
Sparkling streams
A far cry from the concrete maze.

My journey starts anew,
Walking with my ancestors, so proud
A path so new
But cutting through
The fog of all that went before.

A laugh within my soul
Which leaps, and reaches for the sky
My gods look on
And watch upon
My world; my change; my chance;
See my spirit soar.

The Heavy Metal Science Teacher!

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Waxing Gibbous

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Meet Mabh Savage – pagan, author and herbalist

via Meet Mabh Savage – pagan, author and herbalist

Big thanks to Wendy for such an enjoyable interview!

I’m on the radio!

8pm tonight, Wyldwood Radio. An interview and a bit of music too! Enjoy.

Kiddylicious Goodies!

Really excited to be a part of the October Kiddylicious campaign. Ember loves these snacks so it’s no hardship at all spreading the word about how yummy they are!

I think her current favourite is the soft apple biscotti, although like any baby, she changes from day to day! We’re taking some to the baby group tomorrow to share the love.

Inktober: Spell

A wand. My wand, actually. Rosewood bark is hard to draw!

Inktober: Roast

Chickens on a spit held by supports emerging out of twin vortexes roasting over a stylised fire. Why? No idea, I’m afraid.


I’ve never done inktober before as I don’t really think of myself as an artist. I was drawn to it this year though. No idea why! I think I maybe just needed a break from writing without stopping being creative, if that makes sense?

The prompt for October the first was ‘poisonous’. I had been studying mandrake for an article for Pagan Pages, and based my first ink attempt on an old botanical print. Somehow, the feminine aspects of the plant really shouted at me. See what you think.