Month: August 2015


      My friend took me for a walk around New Galloway, and amongst the brambles and cow parsley we found beautiful meadowsweet, also known as mead wort or Queen of the Meadow. Although a useful herb, especially to a home brewer like myself,… Continue Reading “Meadowsweet”

Vice: Depression

No, I don’t mean a vice like smoking, or drinking, although I do succumb to those from time to time. Today’s depression is like an actual vice, the kind you had in wood work class, and my brain is the substitute for the two-by-four.… Continue Reading “Vice: Depression”


This orchid has been with me for about eight years, but hasn’t flowered for around five of those. So the below picture pleases me greatly.   

Red Kite

   My beautiful friend Carol took us to a Red Kite feeding station near Laurieston. My iPhobe camera wasn’t really up to the task but I was quite pleased with this shot.


   I’m incredibly happy to announce that I have been offered a contract for my second book, Celtic Witchcraft! Watch this space for more updates.

Books and Bargains!

If you love fiction go join this community, as you will get a heads up every time there are deals on e-books. Enjoy!

Celtic Witchcraft: Proposal Submitted!

I just submitted a proposal to get Celtic Witchcraft published as one volume. Breathe…breathe…