Month: October 2012

Arrows in the concrete

Sometimes things line up in ways you don’t expect. Sometime what you are looking for has been there all the time, hidden in some way, sometimes by your own actions. Sometimes you look for ages then two come along at once! Sometimes we see… Continue Reading “Arrows in the concrete”


Hey Miss it once Hey Look up Two jackdaws in a sycamore tree One edged along the main branch Blinking down at me in curiosity Sharing the autumn sun All three cloaked against the autumn wind The two birds aren’t hunting Or foraging Simply… Continue Reading “Hey”

Spirituality or Practicality?

The Romans are said to have been astonished by the range of gods and spirits the Celtic peoples honoured, yet the Celts were feared for their prowess in war, helped mightily by their ability to travel far across land and sea. So they were… Continue Reading “Spirituality or Practicality?”


The sun rises; the sun sets. It is another day. Another path to tread, To leave footprints in the dirt. Or to pass unnoticed. Counting only seconds Only minutes Held not within the turn of the earth But trapped within the turn of the… Continue Reading “Footprints”

Fluffy Clouds

Somebody needs to invent a chair that is like sitting on a fluffy little cloud. Every part of me would be perfectly supported and there would be no need for sensible stretch breaks or time away from my luminous screen which would of course… Continue Reading “Fluffy Clouds”


I’ve been doing some reading on Lugh recently, as additional research for my book, A Modern Celt. Lugh, despite being a great leader and warrior among the Tuatha de Danaan, and indeed the name sake of Lughnasadh, one of the biggest festivals in the… Continue Reading “Lugh”


Home is where heartache fades and headaches ease. Home is where colour seeps in and stains grey. Home is where the volume is switched as loud as you want, which can simply mean silence. Home is where a hole inside of you is filled… Continue Reading “Home”


Circle we dreamedSeen in a haze“One of these days…”We banished that phrase Circle we sawIn places we’d beenThat made us feel keenTo make what we’d seen Circle we drewGuidance from pastWe need it to lastSo steady, not fast Circle we builtStone out of sandSprouts… Continue Reading “Circle”

Seeking the ancestors, beginnings

The truth is, everyone was formed by their ancestors in some way. If you deny any connection to your ancestors, then that is a conscious decision which in itself, partially shapes who you are. Even by denying them, which is absolutely your right to… Continue Reading “Seeking the ancestors, beginnings”