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The pigeons sat on me The day I took the train. I’d seen the old man A local, perhaps Or a tourist, but such a lack of Surprise At his avian invaders He stood beneath the sighing sycamore While feathered rats Stood politely on… Continue Reading “Pigeons”

Merry Lughnasadh 

Despite the rainy intervals, these gorgeous swifts managed to catch some respite during a sunny spell, drying themselves in Lugh’s light.  I’m spending Lughnasadh, also the time of Lammas and the first harvest, camping with family near a farm in Skipton. We are enjoying… Continue Reading “Merry Lughnasadh “

Summer Adventures: Temple Newsam

Jim, Nathan and I made the most of the sun by heading down to Temple Newsam Home Farm in Leeds. Nathan befriended a sheep and was freaked out by the apiary, which I, conversely, found fascinating. We saw baby rabbits, squirrels and had a… Continue Reading “Summer Adventures: Temple Newsam”


Stone and sea won’t wait for me Follow me up Follow me down Sky cries out so angrily Follow me through Follow me ’round Lightning breaks like anxious sweat Follow me here Follow me there Rain soaked dreams I can’t forget Follow me out… Continue Reading “Storm”


That tentative touch Meant more than Grasping hands Or heat and hearts Or legs intwining Dangerous, damaging No, nothing carnal Nothing of the sort Yet it burns hotter Hotter than I remember Harder than you know Heavier than salt And twice the sting In… Continue Reading “Untravelled”


Home is where heartache fades and headaches ease. Home is where colour seeps in and stains grey. Home is where the volume is switched as loud as you want, which can simply mean silence. Home is where a hole inside of you is filled… Continue Reading “Home”


Time apart has not made the heart grow fonder; How could it? Nothing in the universe makes me love them more. They are the most precious The most beautiful The most vital in my life. The blood within my blood More essential than food,… Continue Reading “Homecoming”


I’m going away for a few days, camping if you can believe it- camping in September, in England! Must be nuts. But honestly, we always go around this time of year, and it’s usually lovely. Weather aside, it’s really wonderful to have this time… Continue Reading “Holiday”