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NaPoWriMo Day 13: There’s nothing so great as the beach

There’s nothing so great as the beach Sand between the toes Warm and chafing You know it’ll be a nightmare later But right now It’s lovely Chilly, searing cold sea Then after a minute, It’s refreshing Lemonade for the sole Lapping at heat-dried ankles… Continue Reading “NaPoWriMo Day 13: There’s nothing so great as the beach”

At the Seaside

We went to Hornsea this weekend. It’s where my fiancé’s parents live, so we go fairly often. It’s almost inevitable that we’ll end up on the beach. Even when the kids don’t demand it, I do! And the dog has two walks a day… Continue Reading “At the Seaside”

Ocean Longing

Strange nostalgia for the sea Background smell Of coal dust and coziness While I walk on the beach Houses behind me Horizon ahead Beckoning.

Take me to the Ocean

Waiting by the ocean Waiting by the shore Clouds are hanging, cloaking Sunlight, grey and raw. Beach lies glinting wetly Tide breaks like a sigh Pebbles crackling, crunching ‘Neath the slate tile sky Winkles, whelks and starfish Rays and sprays and gulls Bladderwrack and… Continue Reading “Take me to the Ocean”

Hornsea in Winter