At the Seaside

We went to Hornsea this weekend. It’s where my fiancé’s parents live, so we go fairly often. It’s almost inevitable that we’ll end up on the beach. Even when the kids don’t demand it, I do! And the dog has two walks a day down there, getting rowdy and sandy.

This is a ‘creature house’. In order to understand its purpose, you’d need to have a better grasp of the seven-year-old’s mind than I! For the past few visits, he’s insisted on building one of these. First we have to source the right stones; a firm foundation. Then they have to be laid out quite precisely. Then, usually, one of the big people has to fetch a bucket of seawater to create a pool- so the creatures have water too.

He wandered away from his creature house for a short time, and was delighted to find it attracted some actual creatures! Gulls and a huge crow came to check out the new structure; a proud moment for our intrepid constructor and conservationist.

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