Month: March 2016

Feeding the Birds

   That’s the silver birch in my new back garden, and that’s a string of fat balls hanging off the stump of a recently pruned branch. You see, I moved recently, and it was incredibly stressful. I’m still in a mind-numbing dispute with my… Continue Reading “Feeding the Birds”

Headingley Lit Fest: Cabaret Thirty

I was highly chuffed and deeply honoured to be involved with the wonderful Headingly Lit Fest again this year. Last year I performed at Outside In, alongside poets and musicians from all over Leeds. This year’s event was similar, with some familiar faces and… Continue Reading “Headingley Lit Fest: Cabaret Thirty”

Why am I a Celtic witch?

What does that mean, and how is it different from any other type of witchcraft? Well let‘s look at the ‘witch’ part first; when I say I am a witch, I‘m saying I harness the energies around and within me to instigate change. Mahatma Ghandi said: ‘Be… Continue Reading “Why am I a Celtic witch?”

On Witchcraft…

…everything is achievable if you employ common sense and ambition. The first step to completing a task, is believing that you can do it. That’s not enough, of course; you must work hard, plan where necessary and garner help when one person is not… Continue Reading “On Witchcraft…”