On Witchcraft…

…everything is achievable if you employ common sense and ambition. The first step to completing a task, is believing that you can do it. That’s not enough, of course; you must work hard, plan where necessary and garner help when one person is not enough. But if you believe something is impossible, then it will become so. It is very easy to talk yourself out of something because it has become difficult. It is also easy to allow others to talk you out of something because, in their perception, you are attempting the impossible. Trust your instincts. Go with your gut. Above all, have faith that you would not feel your task was achievable without good reason. Belief in oneself is not airy-fairy or new age; it is confidence and it is necessary for all witchcraft. If you dither, you will not achieve your desired outcome. If you are foot-sure you will surely succeed.

Excerpt from Pagan Portals: Celtic Witchcraft by Mabh Savage, due out 29th April 2016. Pre Order here.

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