Month: March 2014

A Smile is a Transient Thing…

A smile is a transient thing; No it’s not Not right now, in the face Of this damning disgrace And the backwash of bitterness Harsh aftertaste Of the ending of running This hobbling race Still I look and I see There is no empty… Continue Reading “A Smile is a Transient Thing…”

I am the lute On which your fingers lay I beg you Do not play Unless we both know the tune…

Headingley LitFest: Stories from the War Hospital

  It’s Friday the 21st March, just after the Equinox. There is an odd camaraderie at New Headingley Club, between Leeds Rhinos rugby fans about to head off to cheer on their team, and LitFest fans here to listen in contrasting silence to Stories… Continue Reading “Headingley LitFest: Stories from the War Hospital”

Haiku Practice

Realising sleep can’t Be replaced by happiness; Broken body heal. Half moon balanced in Equinox sky (black cotton) Flips; my heart the same.

Vernal Equinox 2014

May you find balance in your life, on this day when light equals dark. Feel the joy of the spring’s return, as a warm glow inside.

maMa Rose playing live at It Bar in Leeds last night.

Before the Gates

One is a source of distraction The other is a source of inspiration One wishes to see me grounded The other wonders how far I could fly Let me stand upon your shoulders Let me reach into the sky Then you can climb on… Continue Reading “Before the Gates”

Return of the maMa (Rose)!

Yep, maMa Rose are returning to the gig venues of the UK, starting this Wednesday, the 19th March. We are joining Fran Wyburn and Peculiar Blue at It Bar in Leeds City Centre. Full details here… It’s been a while, so wrap your ears… Continue Reading “Return of the maMa (Rose)!”

Modern Triads

Fatigue wears like an old belt strap Still I can Still I am Still I want Cramp in back every single lap Still I try Still I push Still I pant Eyelids droop as the drug takes hold Still I write Still I think… Continue Reading “Modern Triads”

Practicing Haiku

Devil on shoulder Drugs angel, manic demon Unbalanced, now fall… Angel was sleeping Unconscious conscience failed the Moon’s bright handled child.