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Navigating the Bumps

It’s a Friday evening. I’m cuddled up next to my toddler who is drinking milk and getting ready to sleep. I feel something, a sense of nostalgia for something I’m that isn’t happened yet; a familiar yet inexplicable feeling. Then the clouds start to… Continue Reading “Navigating the Bumps”


Sticky, clicky poppy lid Snaps open; nasal bliss Ensues; a sugary mid Morning madness Red, glistening, pips Upon my shoulder Captain of the preserves Conserve my energy For this conserve A jewel upon my knife Then spread on wheat Burnt, golden, sweet Jam makes… Continue Reading “Jam”

The Optimist Haiku

The bottle is full Of air, of liquid; of dreams; Possibilities.


I was looking for a specific piece of work from 2012 when I came across this. I’m not sure what was happening the day I wrote this but clearly I was in a good mood! My description of how happiness exists within us and… Continue Reading “Happiness”

A Smile is a Transient Thing…

A smile is a transient thing; No it’s not Not right now, in the face Of this damning disgrace And the backwash of bitterness Harsh aftertaste Of the ending of running This hobbling race Still I look and I see There is no empty… Continue Reading “A Smile is a Transient Thing…”


¡Hola! shouts my boy His face ablaze with joy This number 21 Of how to greet his mum So proud he picks things up So fast he fills his cup And laughing spills it out A dance; a cry; a shout. Hi he grins… Continue Reading “¡Hola!”