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Navigating the Bumps

It’s a Friday evening. I’m cuddled up next to my toddler who is drinking milk and getting ready to sleep. I feel something, a sense of nostalgia for something I’m that isn’t happened yet; a familiar yet inexplicable feeling. Then the clouds start to… Continue Reading “Navigating the Bumps”

NaPoWriMo Day 3: Isolation Haiku

Open the window Taste sky, smell laughter, eat hope; Breath in the bird song.

Blackbirds and the General Election

Despite the pouring rain, the garden has been full of birds today, primarily blackbirds. They are out in force, braving the weather to get the food they need, to keep themselves fit for the future and the cold months ahead. I hope we are… Continue Reading “Blackbirds and the General Election”

June 9th, Britain 

Sitting in bed Waiting for the world to end Or maybe to start. My heart A battlefield of friends  And enemies Love and passion Embers fizzling in the rain The aftermath. Scared to read, scared not to read Fearmongers long for both But my… Continue Reading “June 9th, Britain “

Take your time

There is no limit On the love I can give On the help I can send On the words I can say. My heart may wane But like the dark moon It is always there Beating its energy For those that need it. So… Continue Reading “Take your time”

Mother’s Day

Mothering Sunday. Shortly after international women’s day. Does it go without saying that I long for the day when we don’t need a special day to remind us that women are amazing? Because, and this is hard for some feminists to swallow, some women… Continue Reading “Mother’s Day”

The Measure Of…

“Back again so soon.” It’s a statement of the obvious which I’m surprised at; Moriarty doesn’t seem to have a need for unnecessary words. “Indeed.” I agree. “It’s good to see you again. Everything is much the same I presume?” He looks genuinely floored;… Continue Reading “The Measure Of…”

Storm Moon

Storm moon coming Beating at the door Tempers are a raising Mood drop through the floor Hard times over Starvation ain’t the kill Hearts running hungry Stagnant water standing still Voices louder No one asking why Anger comes from the gut Emptiness from the… Continue Reading “Storm Moon”


Sometimes sadness is so profound, it almost becomes a physical object. When it has a weight to it, and carrying it is not only emotionally tiring, but bodily exhausting. The backpack of sorrow, dragging shoulders and chin down, and straining the back; straps of… Continue Reading “Sorrow”

Bad Dream

Niggling gnawing gnats That bite and suck 
On confidence and self assurance
 Taking away your 
“Doing the right thing”
 Gobbling up your 
“All for the best”
 Morning shrieks that crumble
 All defences; walls and banks 
And rushing through the 
Black and wet 
Is thankless
… Continue Reading “Bad Dream”