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NaPoWriMo Day 4: Tough Like Old Leather

I told a friend “Today was tough Tough as old boots Tough like old leather Tough like the steak I sent back And worried about the chef spitting on Tough like the conversation I had to have With a toxic person Another toxic person… Continue Reading “NaPoWriMo Day 4: Tough Like Old Leather”

Valentine’s Softness

‪ An old #ValentinesDay poem (link below) which switches between cynical and soft- which are you this #Valentine2020 ?‬ ‪https://mabhsavage.com/2017/02/14/my-tuesday-valentine/‬

NaPoWriMo Day 14: Short Straw

Who could take a piece of straw And build a house A home A hearth Of heart and bone Then live alone No love No joy; No distractions. This straw was not the short one.

Friday I’m In Love

Venus.  Image processing by R. Nunes.  I’ve been learning a little bit about planetary magic over the past couple of weeks, courtesy of some daily devotional work to Hekate. I had a lovely little conversation this morning with my eight-year-old son, Nathan, which reminded me… Continue Reading “Friday I’m In Love”

My Tuesday Valentine

I know it’s Valentine’s Day A Christian throwback To a Roman party Whips and wolves Reduced to discount chocolates  Cards compete In the cheese wars; Drawers renewed With lingerie that Doesn’t fit. I know it makes no sense This consumerist cock up Of religious… Continue Reading “My Tuesday Valentine”

Only Angry for Now

I know I say I’m furious But all I want to know Is why! Don’t sigh And give excuses Just be true And you Just can’t go wrong My song Has always been A measure of passion One of common sense And a huge… Continue Reading “Only Angry for Now”


Stone and sea won’t wait for me Follow me up Follow me down Sky cries out so angrily Follow me through Follow me ’round Lightning breaks like anxious sweat Follow me here Follow me there Rain soaked dreams I can’t forget Follow me out… Continue Reading “Storm”


That tentative touch Meant more than Grasping hands Or heat and hearts Or legs intwining Dangerous, damaging No, nothing carnal Nothing of the sort Yet it burns hotter Hotter than I remember Harder than you know Heavier than salt And twice the sting In… Continue Reading “Untravelled”

Winter Wonder: Snow Scene

Thank you to William West for this beautiful submission to the Winter Wonder series. You can find William at http://billonbike.blogspot.com Snow Scene You were magic When we first met And so was I I could see it in your eyes You flung your arms… Continue Reading “Winter Wonder: Snow Scene”

Samhain approaching

Samhain is now understood as the night that the veil is at its thinnest; where our ancestors may temporarily rejoin us, travelling from their abode in the Summerlands. The original meaning of Samhain was probably either ‘end of summer’ or ‘beginning of winter’, as… Continue Reading “Samhain approaching”