NaPoWriMo Day 4: Tough Like Old Leather


I told a friend

“Today was tough

Tough as old boots

Tough like old leather

Tough like the steak

I sent back

And worried about the chef spitting on

Tough like the conversation

I had to have

With a toxic person

Another toxic person

Gone now

Tough like the song

I can’t remember the words to

Who wrote it?

I just.. It’s on the tip of my…

Tough like the times

I didn’t know

If they would let me go home

Or keep me in hospital

Tough like ripping phones books

Finding Wally

Getting to bed before midnight

With three kids in the house

And working two jobs

And no government help

And no help

Just each other to weather

The storm

Tough like old leather”

I said. But I smiled

As I said it

Because at least

We have each other.

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