Month: July 2013

Post Box Poets

Post Box Poets is on tonight in at The Post Box Cafe in┬áChorlton, Manchester; a night of spoken word spectacular. Be there, or be less verbose… Performing tonight are Cathy Bryant, John Lindley, Zach Roddis, Jim Doxford, Steph Pike, Dominic Simpson, Angela Smith, Martin… Continue Reading “Post Box Poets”


Wow. It’s hot. Holiday hot. Sapphire sky hot. BBQ out now hot. Endless washing line fill hot. Tarmac tacky almost wet hot Haze even on the gem green grass hot. Jeans unto shorts unto bikini hot. Sleep elusive and duvet gone crazy hot. Melted… Continue Reading “Hot”


25 angels Dance on my head Is it a pin head Bed head Logger head At So 25 angels Dance in my soul It’s a black hole Port hole Window where I’m sat 25 angels Dance with my feet Got two left feet 12… Continue Reading “Angels”


My boy and I, alive in the sun Ready to rumble; ready to run Swords at the ready, stick in each hand Bring on the battle; strike up the band Buses are conquered, long walks are done Park stretches green until the horizon. Sandwiches… Continue Reading “Flashback”

Gift of the Night

The gift of the night is the universe Opened up like a black tulip Petals uncurling in the light Of all the suns that ever were. The gift of the night is the universe Sky’s barrier broken down Eyes reach as far as they… Continue Reading “Gift of the Night”

Electric inspiration

Words are static on the page; like static electricity, they buzz and chirp and make you vibrate, but only direct current shocks you. Is it the same with spoken word? Do the words come with their own voltage to power you in a way… Continue Reading “Electric inspiration”