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Being a Full Time Writer

Means… Still being up at this time Veering from research topics as diverse as best restaurants in Richmond, VA to the way the full moon affects the sex drive Wine, lots of wine (not compulsory- well, it is for me.) Lists that go on… Continue Reading “Being a Full Time Writer”

Who’d be a writer?

Put this pen to paper Take it back Make it crack Spill the ink Like blood Sign my life away Sign my soul To the devil In the details.

Post Box Poets

Post Box Poets is on tonight in at The Post Box Cafe in Chorlton, Manchester; a night of spoken word spectacular. Be there, or be less verbose… Performing tonight are Cathy Bryant, John Lindley, Zach Roddis, Jim Doxford, Steph Pike, Dominic Simpson, Angela Smith, Martin… Continue Reading “Post Box Poets”