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Anxiety Vs Meditation

My article this month on Pagan Pages comes from an older blog I did about trying to meditate, when your mind and body are wracked with anxiety. Chronic in my case, but reactive can be just as destructive. Read the full blog here. I… Continue Reading “Anxiety Vs Meditation”

Meditation vs Anxiety

I’m getting back into meditation this month. I’m fortunate enough to be involved with groups of spiritually minded people who are far more organised than I and can arrange structured workings. Without this kick in the bum I struggle to grant myself the time… Continue Reading “Meditation vs Anxiety”

Before the Gates

One is a source of distraction The other is a source of inspiration One wishes to see me grounded The other wonders how far I could fly Let me stand upon your shoulders Let me reach into the sky Then you can climb on… Continue Reading “Before the Gates”


She gave me a gem A round cut diamond Yet oddly purple In the light from her torches How did she hold Two searing fires Yet stretch out her palm To show the waiting gift I knew she handed me My heart And though… Continue Reading “Dadouchos”

Two Great Ladies

Two great ladies One hot and wild The dance; the arms flail The legs stamp The mouth opens in silent rapture She moves through me Jumping and starting Shouting and biting down On cries that seem too crow like To be human. Two great… Continue Reading “Two Great Ladies”

Kitchen Witchcraft, so what’s that then?

Pagan Portals – Kitchen Witchcraft: Crafts of a Kitchen Witch by Rachel Patterson My rating: 5 of 5 stars The phrase ‘Kitchen Witchcraft’ conjures up brewing potions and hanging herbs, and while this of course can be the case, the experienced witch knows the… Continue Reading “Kitchen Witchcraft, so what’s that then?”

Time to be kind to oneself…

Favourite thought of the day: Meditation is a time to be friends with one’s own heart. This from a guided meditation by Ajahn Sundara, who also says it is a time to be kind to oneself; not to fight with thoughts and ideas. Just… Continue Reading “Time to be kind to oneself…”


“Hey Stan. I’m here to take charge of my new ward. Can you sort me out?” I pass the befuddled surveillance engineer my papers and he checks them cursorily and shakes his head. “Rather you than me! Can’t deny it seems a good idea… Continue Reading “Escape”


I hate the dentist. Well, not the actual dentist. He’s a very nice man who listens and puts up with my neurosis (and everyone else’s of course). But the whole experience of sitting there, plastic shield over eyes, light searing the face, powerless while… Continue Reading “Dentist”