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Samhain approaching

Samhain is now understood as the night that the veil is at its thinnest; where our ancestors may temporarily rejoin us, travelling from their abode in the Summerlands. The original meaning of Samhain was probably either ‘end of summer’ or ‘beginning of winter’, as… Continue Reading “Samhain approaching”

A Modern Celt: Book Launch! Online so you don’t have to leave the house…

Please join me for an online discussion/debate/ramble in celebration of my first book being published. The book covers the influence of Celts on modern society through Pagan and non Pagan eyes, and through experiences both spiritual and mundane. I’d like people to get involved… Continue Reading “A Modern Celt: Book Launch! Online so you don’t have to leave the house…”

Widdershins Whirl

Endlessly entropic Ebbing away Says the circle so bright Dares the moon in the light Of the day hale and gay So we spin and we stick To the lines drawn before To the curves of our past Salt and water hold fast To… Continue Reading “Widdershins Whirl”

A Modern Celt

I just received this gorgeous cover design and a publication date for my first book! A Modern Celt will be available to buy from Moon Books, from the 27th of September 2013. This book explores my own relationship with my Celtic ancestry and the… Continue Reading “A Modern Celt”

Seeking the ancestors, beginnings

The truth is, everyone was formed by their ancestors in some way. If you deny any connection to your ancestors, then that is a conscious decision which in itself, partially shapes who you are. Even by denying them, which is absolutely your right to… Continue Reading “Seeking the ancestors, beginnings”