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Winter Wonders continues

With temperatures at record lows across the Atlantic and flood warning across the U.K., it seems only right that we continue the Winter Wonders series. Send me (via the form on the original post earlier on this blog) your thoughts on what winter means… Continue Reading “Winter Wonders continues”

Cry of the Cailleach

Winter cries A broken sob Of rain and throbbing grey To wistful white A sorry sight A tear track trails And smiling fails As frost bites hard Each chew and chomp Enamel stomp Upon a tongue Of furry sludge A grisly grudge A snarling… Continue Reading “Cry of the Cailleach”

One Winter’s Night

Big thanks to Leigh Laycock for submitting the first piece for my ‘Winter Wonders’ this year; a series of pieces intended to get us into the spirit of winter, Yule and the festive season.  One Winter’s Night In the dead of night there came… Continue Reading “One Winter’s Night”

A Modern Celt: 99p!

Another promo: my book, A Modern Celt, is now only 99p on kindle from Amazon! This book explores the impact the Celts had on modern life, through the eyes of everyday people. It examines paganism, spirituality and healing and even the impact on the… Continue Reading “A Modern Celt: 99p!”

When the Dolphins ran out of Electricity…

…Atlantis fell, and crumbled into the Ocean floor. All the power drained away, and the Dolphins realised they were free; no more working the generators, or counting the coins that were passed from fin to fin to ensure the power flowed, like the water… Continue Reading “When the Dolphins ran out of Electricity…”

A Modern Celt: It’s Here!

My book, A Modern Celt is officially released today! It’s available all over the place, and here’s the link to Amazon where you can have a peek inside and see what all the fuss is about. Remember, from 20.00 tonight I will be online… Continue Reading “A Modern Celt: It’s Here!”

A Modern Celt: Book Launch! Online so you don’t have to leave the house…

Please join me for an online discussion/debate/ramble in celebration of my first book being published. The book covers the influence of Celts on modern society through Pagan and non Pagan eyes, and through experiences both spiritual and mundane. I’d like people to get involved… Continue Reading “A Modern Celt: Book Launch! Online so you don’t have to leave the house…”

Widdershins Whirl

Endlessly entropic Ebbing away Says the circle so bright Dares the moon in the light Of the day hale and gay So we spin and we stick To the lines drawn before To the curves of our past Salt and water hold fast To… Continue Reading “Widdershins Whirl”

Chapel Allerton Open Mic

Another gig! This time it’s a freebie, as part of Chapel Allerton Arts Festival; one of the highlights of the Leeds Summer scene. Loads of great poets rumoured to be turning up, so pop along to Chapel Allerton library on the 28th August and… Continue Reading “Chapel Allerton Open Mic”

Hawk and the Half Moon

Sharp wings tug at frigid air Thermals crippled By Cailleach’s touch. Though sky is her hue Delightful deep blue, Her breath makes the bird Struggle for height Strive for flight. He circles, frustrated, Almost black against The colourful morning. He scars the misty white… Continue Reading “Hawk and the Half Moon”