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Friday Reads

Here is my ‘To Read’ or ‘To Read Again’ list for 2017. A Mystic Guide to Cleansing and Clearing by David Salisbury. I’ve read this already but am looking forward to revisiting some of the chapters when I have a bit of a clear out… Continue Reading “Friday Reads”

Cry of the Cailleach

Winter cries A broken sob Of rain and throbbing grey To wistful white A sorry sight A tear track trails And smiling fails As frost bites hard Each chew and chomp Enamel stomp Upon a tongue Of furry sludge A grisly grudge A snarling… Continue Reading “Cry of the Cailleach”

A Modern Celt: 99p!

Another promo: my book, A Modern Celt, is now only 99p on kindle from Amazon! This book explores the impact the Celts had on modern life, through the eyes of everyday people. It examines paganism, spirituality and healing and even the impact on the… Continue Reading “A Modern Celt: 99p!”