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Friday Reads

Here is my ‘To Read’ or ‘To Read Again’ list for 2017. A Mystic Guide to Cleansing and Clearing by David Salisbury. I’ve read this already but am looking forward to revisiting some of the chapters when I have a bit of a clear out… Continue Reading “Friday Reads”

By the Sea

Under windswept trees  I close my eyes  I am surrounded by the seas. Oceanic, Sweeping over Through  Beyond me. Beeches, No beaches But the waves are the same. White horses gallop Through my tired mind. I am surrounded by the seas. Rushing towards Blinkered… Continue Reading “By the Sea”

Feeding the Birds

   That’s the silver birch in my new back garden, and that’s a string of fat balls hanging off the stump of a recently pruned branch. You see, I moved recently, and it was incredibly stressful. I’m still in a mind-numbing dispute with my… Continue Reading “Feeding the Birds”