Month: September 2015

Pm Questions Today

Interesting to see that David Cameron didn’t actually give a direct answer to any of the questions Mr Corbyn posed to him, from us, today. Cameron gave, at best, evasive waffle about policy, and at his worst used the questions as a platform to… Continue Reading “Pm Questions Today”

Today I am mostly…

…stripping elderberries off their stalks. Tedious but worth it in the end! What am I going to make?   


I see many posts stating that there is no need for us to feel ‘shame’ or ‘guilt’ about dead children from other countries because we didn’t cause the crisis. You know what? Who cares?  How far back are you going to go? How many… Continue Reading “Help.”


   Definitely in my top ten of gifts this year. An ‘ocarina of time’ from my beloved. Now I just have to learn how to play it…