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Labour members- your views wanted on Syria.

Jeremy Corbyn has asked for views from all Labour Party members. If you are a member, check your inbox. MPs may soon have to vote on whether to extend UK bombing into Syria. Please have your say. Here was my response: UK intervention in… Continue Reading “Labour members- your views wanted on Syria.”

David Cameron: Spambot

David Cameron, David Cam You are a robot Made out of spam You hunt the foxes  And kill the poor And that’s what Tories voted for. At Eton you were just one of the chaps Burning money in front of tramps I guess you… Continue Reading “David Cameron: Spambot”

Pm Questions Today

Interesting to see that David Cameron didn’t actually give a direct answer to any of the questions Mr Corbyn posed to him, from us, today. Cameron gave, at best, evasive waffle about policy, and at his worst used the questions as a platform to… Continue Reading “Pm Questions Today”