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NaPoWriMo Day Fourteen: A Pun, My Soul

Several times a day I make my husband groan Now that one’s not a euphemism, though it could be, I own… But he despairs of my wit, or my attempt at it The egg-cessive ingredients in the omelette Working it out with a pencil… Continue Reading “NaPoWriMo Day Fourteen: A Pun, My Soul”

Being a Full Time Writer

Means… Still being up at this time Veering from research topics as diverse as best restaurants in Richmond, VA to the way the full moon affects the sex drive Wine, lots of wine (not compulsory- well, it is for me.) Lists that go on… Continue Reading “Being a Full Time Writer”

Spotted at Great British Food Festival…

Now that’s faith…


Rules for Living on the Moon

Don’t touch the flag Kicking moon dust In faces Is Not On! Look frequently towards The earth Admire the sun With protection Of course Reflect Inwards and out No cheese jokes Ok, that’s not mandatory The only holes Are in the plot.

David Cameron: Spambot

David Cameron, David Cam You are a robot Made out of spam You hunt the foxes  And kill the poor And that’s what Tories voted for. At Eton you were just one of the chaps Burning money in front of tramps I guess you… Continue Reading “David Cameron: Spambot”


Oh spare me from sniffles And rouging of nose From tissues so prickly Though balm ones I chose Yes save me from fever And burning of head The prickling face And the shaking of bed Deliver me from Endless runs to the store For… Continue Reading “Mercy”


Brain like a sponge. Soaking information up. Absorbing everything. But a sponge is…leaky. Drippy. Is information trickling slowly from my ears? And on a night, when fatigued, my head feels squishy and nauseatingly malleable; is that a symptom of having a brain like a… Continue Reading “Sponge”

Fluffy Clouds

Somebody needs to invent a chair that is like sitting on a fluffy little cloud. Every part of me would be perfectly supported and there would be no need for sensible stretch breaks or time away from my luminous screen which would of course… Continue Reading “Fluffy Clouds”