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NaPoWriMo Day 9: Bright

She said What shape Should this poem be? Will it twist and turn and wind And cover me in thorns, barbed words To sting and recriminate, burning and cutting Before sneering away to hide behind smug curtains Of arrogance, cold and diamond-like, sharp and… Continue Reading “NaPoWriMo Day 9: Bright”

Pregnancy: SPD Tips

Warning: some mention of sex. SPD may be referred to as PGP. The first acronym means symphysis pubis dysfunction. The latter means pelvic girdle pain. Both cover the often excruciating pain caused by excessive movement of the pelvic and pubic bones during pregnancy. I… Continue Reading “Pregnancy: SPD Tips”


Sometimes sadness is so profound, it almost becomes a physical object. When it has a weight to it, and carrying it is not only emotionally tiring, but bodily exhausting. The backpack of sorrow, dragging shoulders and chin down, and straining the back; straps of… Continue Reading “Sorrow”

Fluffy Clouds

Somebody needs to invent a chair that is like sitting on a fluffy little cloud. Every part of me would be perfectly supported and there would be no need for sensible stretch breaks or time away from my luminous screen which would of course… Continue Reading “Fluffy Clouds”