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Happy Wolfenoot all!

Happy Wolfenoot! A newish lovely holiday celebrating canines, pack, and kindness. More info here: https://www.wolfenoot.com Image by Thomas Bonometti via Unsplash.


Sometimes sadness is so profound, it almost becomes a physical object. When it has a weight to it, and carrying it is not only emotionally tiring, but bodily exhausting. The backpack of sorrow, dragging shoulders and chin down, and straining the back; straps of… Continue Reading “Sorrow”


I hate the dentist. Well, not the actual dentist. He’s a very nice man who listens and puts up with my neurosis (and everyone else’s of course). But the whole experience of sitting there, plastic shield over eyes, light searing the face, powerless while… Continue Reading “Dentist”


I’m going away for a few days, camping if you can believe it- camping in September, in England! Must be nuts. But honestly, we always go around this time of year, and it’s usually lovely. Weather aside, it’s really wonderful to have this time… Continue Reading “Holiday”