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And he says ‘Radiant’ And I wonder Like a golden beach? Eggshell sand broken Under happy toes Hair whitening in Helios’ Breath of beatific Beneficity And I gasp Cool moonlight Broken on water Lake still and cool Until bodies and voices Dive and delight… Continue Reading “Afterglow”

The Pond- for my sister on her birthday.

A day very much like Any other bright And carefree spring day The wind high Likewise the sun Deosil across the cloud streaked sky. We picked the safest path Through rain soaked grass To seek even more water (What is wrong with us!) The… Continue Reading “The Pond- for my sister on her birthday.”


Time apart has not made the heart grow fonder; How could it? Nothing in the universe makes me love them more. They are the most precious The most beautiful The most vital in my life. The blood within my blood More essential than food,… Continue Reading “Homecoming”


I’m going away for a few days, camping if you can believe it- camping in September, in England! Must be nuts. But honestly, we always go around this time of year, and it’s usually lovely. Weather aside, it’s really wonderful to have this time… Continue Reading “Holiday”