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Happy Wolfenoot all!

Happy Wolfenoot! A newish lovely holiday celebrating canines, pack, and kindness. More info here: https://www.wolfenoot.com Image by Thomas Bonometti via Unsplash.

Keep Turning the Lights Off

I sometimes feel In the singular Even in my own home Flicking switches Tightening taps Rinsing our eggshells Crushing them Like brittle dreams But over time My way is becoming The way Save the jars Scrub and recycle the plastic Make towers of tubs… Continue Reading “Keep Turning the Lights Off”

Back to School

I’ve spent the summer holidays in a bit of a daze. We had an amazing honeymoon in Rhodes, and, quite frankly, didn’t really want to come back. The sting of returning to a seemingly increasingly miserable country was somewhat assuaged by getting to spend… Continue Reading “Back to School”

Friday Feeling

Things that made me happy this week so far (my attempt at telling depression to bugger right off). CHaOS science day at Oakwell Hall. Lots of experiments for the kids to try out. Baby ran amok across the grounds and we saw newts, rats,… Continue Reading “Friday Feeling”


Will I have any corn to bring To place on the stone within the ring? Will I have flesh to cut and burn And place inside the bubbling urn? Will I have neeps and spuds and carrots To fill these wide and simmering pots?… Continue Reading “Samildánach”


Ginger hair in duplicate One by choice One by genes In jeans of blue And eyes the same Cool pools of dew That cry ‘I love you’.

Merry Lughnasadh 

Despite the rainy intervals, these gorgeous swifts managed to catch some respite during a sunny spell, drying themselves in Lugh’s light.  I’m spending Lughnasadh, also the time of Lammas and the first harvest, camping with family near a farm in Skipton. We are enjoying… Continue Reading “Merry Lughnasadh “

Another Winter Wonder

As the car was coated in ice both inside and out this morning (yes, thank you whoever left the back window ajar, hmmph), I decided it was time for another Winter Wonder. Do keep your submissions coming; remember my favourite will win a signed… Continue Reading “Another Winter Wonder”


My boy and I, alive in the sun Ready to rumble; ready to run Swords at the ready, stick in each hand Bring on the battle; strike up the band Buses are conquered, long walks are done Park stretches green until the horizon. Sandwiches… Continue Reading “Flashback”

The Pond- for my sister on her birthday.

A day very much like Any other bright And carefree spring day The wind high Likewise the sun Deosil across the cloud streaked sky. We picked the safest path Through rain soaked grass To seek even more water (What is wrong with us!) The… Continue Reading “The Pond- for my sister on her birthday.”